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An Al interviewer that conducts live, conversational interviews and gives real-time evaluations to effortlessly identify top performers. Say goodbye to manual screening and hello to smarter recruiting.

Experience the power of Talently

Move beyond manual screening with AI recruiting solutions. Experience the advantages firsthand with our free demo.

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Experience Talently

Witness how the Talently ai interview agent is transforming the hiring landscape.

AI-Powered Interviews

Experience real-time, automated interviews that emulate human interaction.

Real-time evaluations
Human-like interaction
Automated scheduling
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Detailed Candidate Scoring

Receive insightful, objective scores for every interviewee, aiding in precise decision-making.

Objective candidate assessment
Actionable insights provided
Precise decision-making
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Any Role in the World

Input any job description from around the globe and watch Talently.ai conduct precise interviews tailored to the specified role.

Role-specific interviewing
Tailored evaluation metrics
Tailored questions based on roles
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Our Uses Cases

Talently.ai conducts flawless interviews tailored to various use cases. It considers each specific scenario and crafts conversational interviews to match the requirements of each use case, ensuring a seamless and effective interview process

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Use AI Interviews to Scale Up your Software Development Team

Traditional hiring methods are slow and full of biases. Talently.ai efficiently assesses technical and non-technical skills and filters out unqualified applicants without any biases. This allows you to scale your software development team faster to meet growing client demands.

Coding ImageCampus Hiring

Experience a Smarter & Faster Approach to Campus Hiring

Talently.ai filters out the top talent across universities through multiple assessments without biases. It streamlines hiring and keeps students engaged throughout the process with no geographical restrictions. This gives you diverse candidates with the right skills faster, all with a smooth, flexible experience.

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The Smarter Way to Hire Young Talent

Take a smarter approach to hiring interns with Talently.ai. Our AI interviewing tool enhances the internship hiring process, allowing you to efficiently assess and select the most promising young talent who will bring fresh perspectives and valuable contributions to your team.

Coding ImageSales Associates

Leverage AI to Build a Winning Sales Team

Talently.ai identifies top performers with the right skills and cultural fit and removes unconscious bias from the interview process. Now you can spend less time sifting through resumes and more time focusing on building a high-performing sales team that consistently delivers results.

Coding ImageCaregivers

Interview Caregivers at Scale

Talently.ai empowers you to efficiently interview and hire caregivers on a large scale. It automates and streamlines the initial interview process, providing detailed insights and unbiased evaluations. This ensures you can quickly and effectively find the best caregivers to meet your growing needs, all while saving time and resources.

How it Works

Talently.ai brings forth a new way to vet and hire your desired Talent.

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Up to 100 interviews per month
Ability to add Custom Questions
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