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Yes, you read that right. Join our affiliate program to earn industry-leading commissions when you promote Talently.ai and drive new signups.

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About the Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is an excellent opportunity for you to earn a 10% commission for a year by promoting Talently.ai to hiring managers, recruiters and everyone trying to boost their hiring process.

Why Talently.ai is the Best Choice for Your Referrals

Automated Scheduling & 24/7 Interview Access

Save hours of back-and-forth emails and offer scheduling flexibility to your candidates with Talently.ai's automated system, removing the complexities for both recruiters and candidates.

AI-Powered Technical & Non-Technical Interviews

Conduct both technical and non-technical interviews seamlessly with AI-driven assessments, ensuring a thorough candidate evaluation.

Tailored to All Job Roles

Forget generic interviews,Talently.ai adapts its interview format and assessments to match the specific requirements of each position based on your job description.

Human-Like Interaction

Experience AI with a personal touch as Talently.ai engages candidates in human-like conversations, fostering an authentic interview experience.

Insightful Candidate Scoring

Make data-driven hiring decisions with detailed scores for every candidate based on their performance in interviews and assessments.

80% Faster Process

Save hours of back-and-forth emails and accelerate your hiring journey with Talently.ai, reducing the recruitment timeline by 80% without compromising quality.

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How to get started

Fill the form

Click the button below and fill out the form. We typically approve applications within 1-2 business days.

Get an Invite

Look for our email that invites you for an interview.

Get Unique URL

Get your unique URL where we can track booked calls coming from you.

Start Earning

Start earning your rewards for every Sale.

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How this has helped other partners

Here are just a few ways we make it easy for you to promote Talently.ai and earn more commissions.

The Future of Hiring is here

"Talently.ai is my go-to referral gem! I can confidently recommend it for any job role and my fellow consultants appreciate the tailored interviews. It's like having a seasoned recruiter in my back pocket."

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Isaac Hughes

The Product sells for itself

"The Leadpages affiliate program is the best around. Not only is the product the best in their market, the product basically sells itself, making the decision to promote an easy one!"

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Felix Philips

Where efficiency meets excellence

As someone who values recommending only the most reliable products, testing Talently.ai was a no-brainer. Its efficiency has left me impressed. Now, I'm referring it to every business in my network and enjoying the perks.

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Ruth Ellis

Have Questions? We have Answers

Our affiliate program applications are open to everyone.
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